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Why You Should Use Cheap Car Shipping Rates to Book Auto Transport

Cheap Car Shipping Rates has one of the lowest cancellation rates in the auto transport business and we maintain that by having a driven dedication to knowing the industry inside and out from all angles. Our staff have a combined experience of more than 80 years in the auto shipping industry and we stay on top of the latest in market trends, shipping rates and services worldwide.

We started Cheap Car Shipping Rates in 2010 to be able to offer the best shipping rates to customers from coast to coast. Whether you need to have a vehicle shipped from California to New York or from Florida to Mexico, we can offer the best service in the business today as well as the most competitive rates out there.


What Cheap Car Shipping Rates Brings To The Auto Transport Industry

The auto transport industry is a very competitive business to be in and can be quite confusing to customers that just want to have a vehicle shipped at a great price and with a fast turnaround time. We take the guesswork out of the equation and provide only highly rated services at outstanding rates to all of our customers.

We cut out the companies that charge lofty rates for substandard auto shipping services and we connect people with companies that will ensure safe transport at affordable rates. Our quote calculator and our experienced staff will produce only accurate quotes that you can count on as being the best in the business.

Many companies worry about losing a customer by quoting a price that is too high. They end up low-balling the customer to pull them in and then tack added charges on after the customer commits to them. This not only leaves customers confused about what is happening, but it also causes the company to gain a bad reputation in the auto shipping business.


Cheap Car Shipping Rates will never underquote a customer to get their business. We believe in providing only accurate quotes that a customer can depend on when shipping a vehicle. We don’t want our customers to be surprised and pay more than we tell them they need to pay. We enjoy repeat business and excellent customer relations and to maintain that, we guarantee an honest quote to each individual customer.