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Nationwide Door to Door Delivery

Your vehicle will be picked up and delivered to your door nationwide. Some restrictions do apply to door to door transport. If the city has a local ordinance forbidding large trucks from driving through residential areas or if the roadways are not large enough to handle a large carrier truck, the driver will meet you at a local location to pick the vehicle up and deliver it. All attempts will be made to meet at a location that is not out of your way nor out of the way of the carrier.

OPEN transport

Open Transport

Your vehicle will be transported on an open carrier. You have most likely seen open carriers carrying multiples of automobiles down the highway. They are generally large, double decker trucks that can carry 10-12 vehicles at one time. Your vehicle will be picked up at, or as close as possible, to your door and delivered to, or as close as possible to, your door as possible. Open transport is usually the least expensive way to have a vehicle shipped in the U.S. as well as internationally.

ENCLOSED transport

Enclosed Transport

Your vehicle will be transported inside of a completely sealed truck or shipping container and may be shipped with up to six other vehicles at one time. Enclosed carriers are available for classics, luxury and vintage vehicles that need to be kept from exposure to the elements. Just as with open transport, the vehicle will be picked up and delivered to your door, or as close as possible to your door. City ordinances and driving restrictions may prevent the driver from traveling to your door but they will meet at a nearby location where there is accessibility for the large carrier truck.


International Transport

Cheap Car Shipping Rates can schedule your vehicle for international shipping to locations worldwide. Whether you are just going to take a quick trip for a vacation in Mexico or moving to Paris, we can provide accurate, cost effective rates with companies that will handle the vehicle securely and deliver on time.


Motorcycle Transport

Your motorcycle will be safe when shipping whether it is traveling through the state or coast to coast. Motorcycles can be shipped on open carriers as well as enclosed carriers. For nationwide shipping, enclosed transport options are suggested to ensure the safety of the motorcycle during long hauls.  Just as with all other motor vehicles, motorcycles are fully insured during transport.

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Classic Car Transport

You need to know that your classic car is good hands when you hire a company to ship it. Whether it is the dream car that you just purchased online or a sportster that has been sitting in your garage for years, we connect our customers with companies that specialize in handling classic, vintage and antique cars with delicate care. Our rates cannot be beat and we treat each car as if it is our very own. In other words, if we would not use a company to transport our own classic car, then neither will our customers. We choose only the best for our customers.